Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy


Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy is a provider of physical therapy services for infants and children in the Los Angeles area.  We provide therapy in the home environment and have over a decade of experience in treating children with various developmental disabilities and who are at risk for delays.  A few of the diagnoses we treat include Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders, neurological impairments, prematurity, TorticollisCerebral Palsy and Autism.

Children are continuously learning and growing and a child's development can sometimes be influenced by underlying issues creating challenges for the development of age appropriate skills. It is vitally important that the child with delays and disabilites be provided with therapy as early as possible.

How do we work?

Therapists provide an initial evaluation, followed by an assessment of goals and the creation of an individualized therapy program designed to maximize your child's independence and success.  Evaluations and treatments take place in the comfort of your own home or can occur at a local park, playground or as part of a Gymboree-type class.  Physical therapy will assist your child in achieving their maximum potential by using therapeutic exercise techniques to improve balance, coordination, posture, positioning, strength and range of motion.  Therapeutic exercise takes the form of manual therapy techniques and structured play activities to accomplish specific objectives.  Physical therapy will also help your child to develop age-appropriate gross motor skills and encourage them to move independently in order to play and learn from their environment. Therapy services continue as long as they are deemed medically necessary and progress is being made towards established goals. Continuing education and training is provided to families to enhance your child's functional abilities.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create opportunities for children to achieve developmental milestones and master gross motor skills in order to achieve their greatest level of independence in the home, school and community.

Our Philosophy

-To ensure a family-centered approach based on the uniqueness of your family's needs.

-To provide service and support in the most natural setting for your child and family.  Our goal is to foster opportunities for the development of peer relationships with children who do not have disabilities.

-To promote collaborative partnerships with your family, the community, healthcare providers, school staff and childcare program providers. DDS phone 916.654.1987