Your Child's Milestones

Warning Signs Your Child May Need Physical Therapy:

• Poor head control after 3 months of age

• Stiff or rigid arms or legs

• Pushing away or arching back

• Floppy or limp body posture

• Difficulty sitting up without support by 8 months of age

• Using only one side of the body, or only the arms, to crawl

Age-Appropriate Gross and Fine Motor Milestones:

0-6 Months

• Takes toy to mouth 

• Reaches for objects 

• Holds toy/rattle for an extended period of time 

• Sits supported for short periods of time 

• Able to put weight on forearms while on belly 

• Rolls from stomach to back

6-9 Months 

• Takes feet to mouth 

• Takes hands to feet 

• Self-supporting while sitting 

• Protective response when falling forward 

• Goes from lying down to sitting 

• Pulls to standing

• Transfers objects from hand to hand 

• Drops a toy when given another 

10-12 Months 

• Crawls well 

• Sits in variety of positions 

• Stands while holding on 

• Cruises around furniture 

• Walks while holding someone’s hand 

• Points with index finger 

• Holds small objects with thumb and finger 

13-18 Months 

• Crawls up stairs on hands and knees 

• Walks independently 

• Squats in play

• Climbs into an adult chair

• Walks up and down steps with one hand held

• Throws and picks up objects

• Stacks 2-3 blocks

19-24 Months 

• Runs 

• Jumps with both feet 

• Kicks a playground ball

• Complete a 3 shape puzzle 

• Strings two or three large beads 

• Stacks 4-6 blocks 

2-3 Years 

Jumps over objects 

• Walks up and down stairs, alternating feet

• Pulls pants on and off 

• Rides Tricycle 

• Swings and climbs 

• Can build blocks horizontally and vertically